Cat Priestesshood of Pussiopolis

Priestesshood of Pussiopolis

There is an ancient association of symbolism between the feline and and the feminine that is called, “Holofelinity”.  This divine feminine power harkens back to ancient Egypt and it’s Pantheon of Cat Goddesses (Bastet, Sekhmet, Tefnut, etc.,). To this day, this cosmic feline  sensuality is embodied in the female archetype of the “sex kitten “, in the slang synonym “pussy” for female genitalia.

Lyran Cat Priestess Collage by Julia Lillard

Yet anyone can be a cat Priestess. There is NO initiation to become a cat Priestess. The Cat Priestesshood is essentially feminine, but it is not determined by gender. A male or a female or a transgender or non-gendered  person may be a cat Priestess in the sense that they are expressing an inner feminine quality, a quality known as “Holofelinity “, the “Universal Cat Consciousness” – an essentially feminine essence of the universe; the “goddess” or (“anima” to use the Jungian psychological term).

 “The Cat Priestesshood of Pussiopolis” is NOT a formal order. There is no set initiation, no vows, sacred costumes, or habit to be worn, there are none of those trappings of religion. It is not a religion, nor is it a cult, and Pussiopolis does not collect dues nor establish a hierarchy of power. 

There is no “High Cat Priestess of Holofelinity”, and the Cat Temple is first and foremost a mental or metaphysical construct and not a physical edifice, though physical Cat Temples may be erected.

Being a Cat Priestess is defined by one’s personal expression and embodiment of the principles of Holofelinity.  These principles are:

Always for Pleasure

Mind Over Matter

Awareness is Compassion

How you “meow” manifest these principles is entirely your own shit show.  YMMV.

Water finds its level and cats love to swim through space and turn on to the PIZZA REVOLUTION.

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